Bespoke Furniture
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"Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context - a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment..."

– Eero Saarinen

Bespoke Furniture

We design bespoke furniture pieces that are made by our trusted network of carpenters and makers to complete your new home. With the highest levels of quality and longevity in mind, we can provide built-in and freestanding pieces that are sustainable and beautifully crafted to suit your exact needs.

CB22 Dining Table:

Following the full refurbishment of a midcentury house in Primrose Hill, we were commissioned to design a 2.6m long, 8 seater dining table to sit at the heart of the home, centrally located within the new open-plan kitchen-living-dining space to complement the new architectural finish.

A matching low-slung coffee table completed the space, using the same design principles, jointing techniques and timber species; London Plane. Felled to make way for the Euston Station HS2 development just moments away from its future home, each plank was chosen specifically to reveal the different features of the species; rippling 'lacewood', pippy knots, blue heartwood streaks and natural black spalting.

The overarching design principle of the 'stacked' legs, lowers the centre of gravity and offers a solid base for the generous overhang. The expansive top, which interlocks with the legs, expresses the way it is made.

Feel free to contact us should you wish to purchase one of the above pieces or would like to commission a one-off piece of your own.

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