Casa Malaga
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Each tile has the mark of its maker from the individual's wedding ring or calloused hand. The tiles are left to air dry and are then fired using locally collected almond husks to increase the temperature, providing a colour unique to that area.

A new covered seating area provides shade during the warmest part of the day, surrounded by textures of the natural bedrock and enclosed sunken pool.

A 'floating' timber framed pitched roof is stepped at the ridge to create a clerestory window bringing light into the deep plan and offering a warm visual break from the harder materials.

Casa Malaga

Velez-Malaga, Spain

A proposal for a new build house nestled into a steeply sloping site in the south of Spain. Locally sourced terracotta reflects the materiality of the area whilst in-situ cast concrete is required as the site is located within an earthquake zone. The design explores centuries-old techniques and materials reimagined in a contemporary way to create a warm, minimalist space.

The connection between the house and the landscape is created through careful excavation and terracing to offer seamless outside living and frame key views of the mountains.

Due to the site topography, the floor plan has been flipped with accommodation on the ground floor to enable the large open plan living space on the first floor. This allows the bedrooms to remain cool throughout the day and the communal areas to benefit from the connection to the landscaped garden and views beyond.

The in-situ cast concrete frame is exposed with the walls and floors infilled with terracotta bricks. Hempcrete is proposed on the south facing wall for its thermal insulation to protect from extreme solar gain.

The project is at technical design stage with construction planned in summer 2024.

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