Quarry Barn
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Internally, layers of modern interventions are to be carefully peeled back to reveal ancient oak beams (from trees likely planted over 500 years ago) which soar above a new, triple height dining hall, reinstating the original proportions of the barn.

Quarry Barn

Cotswolds, Oxfordshire

A collection of late 17th Century barns nestled in the Cotswolds are to become an exemplar of sustainable barn redevelopment. 

A palette of reconstituted Cotswold stone, burnished steel, locally grown English ash and textured lime render stitch old and new together. A contemporary structural stone extension bookends the new kitchen garden and references the barn's original use as part of a Cotswold stone quarry.

The entire external envelope is to be upgraded with high performance timber windows and breathable yet air-tight insulation made from natural cork. The insulation works with the thermal mass of the building to reduce heat losses in winter and keep the home cool in the summer, and the energy demand is further reduced by using an air source heat pump for heating and hot water. Electricity will be generated through two arrays of solar panels creating a fossil fuel free home with a very low carbon footprint. 

In our 21st Century refurbishment, the original timbers are to be kept where possible, and the makeshift structural interventions of the 70s will be replaced with carefully designed burnished steel straps that are left on show to continue the story of this great structure. The main oak trusses are to remain exposed and celebrated in all their glory. Any failed timbers are to be replaced with locally sourced reclaimed oak of a similar age. No painted surfaces are proposed in order to create a warm, textured, minimal home.

Currently on site, completion in 2024.

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